Managing Your Social Media Pages - Part 3 of 5

Picking Your Platform – Part 3

Written by Wayne R Karlins President of Reed Social Media Group

If you have the time, the content, and the skill to do things right on your social media page, I believe there is an advantage to doing things yourself. What do you need to know before deciding this?

Disclaimer* - This is Part 3 of a 5 piece series on running your social media. I highly recommend reading the other blogs prior to reading this one, as we may refer back to previous information posted.


How to get started:                                                                                                                             Part 1 – Understand Your Mission                                                                                                             Part 2 - Creating a Plan                                                                                                                   Part 3 – Choose a Platform                                                                                                             Part 4 – When to Get Help                                                                                                        Part 5 - Outsourcing? How to Pick the Best Fit


There are well over 100 social media websites to choose from, so your plan and mission will tell you a lot about where you should be. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are very much the social media royalty, but if you are looking for a more professional feel LinkedIn is King. Your plan and mission should help guide you where to go.




1.     Over 1 billion people

2.     Personal social media page

3.     Often used as a business home page

4.     Great for B2C companies

5.     All generations are on Facebook and it is growing!


1.     Over 400 million users

2.     Professional focus

3.     Ability to start your own company page

4.     Often helpful in finding business partners

5.     Great for business to business selling

6.     Great for both recruiter and people looking for jobs

7.     Millennials & Gen X



1.     Personable and visual

2.     Artsy business plans and continuous engagement

3.     Product based companies are typically the best here

4.     Helps redirect traffic back to your website

5.     Sell direct to your clients

6.     Great for blog writers

7.     Centennials, millennials & Gen X


1.     On the go - lots of meetings, events and parties!

2.     Business to consumer markets

3.     Centennials and millennials

4.     Artsy focused company

5.     Pop Culture focused and in the know

6.     Requires high traffic attention; 1 - 2 posts a day of what you and your company are doing

7.     Need your phone at all times with great photo quality


1.     Video Blogging

2.     DIY Videos

3.     Get to know your company and mission

4.     Repeat traffic and lots of new content every year

5.     Great for all generations!


1.     Good place for constantly changing and moving companies

2.     Good for business to consumer markets

3.     Centennials and millennials

4.     Often pop culture focused (actors, artists, politicians, tv personalities)

5.     Great news feeds

Periscope and Live Facebook Streaming

1.     A more personal touch while video blogging

2.     Interactive with current following

3.     Great for live Q & A


Keep an eye out for our next blog - Creating a Plan - as part of our 5 blog series for managing your social media!

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