Each of our clients presents a unique contribution to the world and deserves to be represented in unique ways. There is no one-size-fits-all template at Reed Social Media Group; we start fresh with every client and customize our approach to suit your needs.

We do the research!
We recognize that not everyone needs to use the exhaustive list of social media platforms. We'll discover which means of communication are important to your customers and then maintain a distinguished presence on the platforms that are the most relevant to you and your intended audience.

We're here to make social media work for you!

YOU determine our involvement and exposure. After all, it's your business! Here at RSMG we understand that taking initiative does not mean taking over. We respect your brand's personality and that may involve varying levels of exposure - some businesses like to be in your face while others may prefer to tap you on the shoulder. Reed Social Media Group offers a host of options which can be configured to meet your specific business goals and budget. 


We Keep You In The Conversation
— Wayne Karlins, Reed Social Media