Managing Your Social Media Pages - Part 4 of 5

When To Get Help – Part 4

Written by Wayne R Karlins President of Reed Social Media Group

If you have the time, the content, and the skill to do things right on your social media page, I believe there is an advantage to doing things yourself. What do you need to know before deciding this?

Disclaimer* - This is Part 4 of a 5 piece series on running your social media. I highly recommend reading the other blogs prior to reading this one, as we may refer back to previous information posted.


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 At some point, either the fun or your time will run out. At this point you may ask yourself, do I need help? For some of you, the answer will be yes.


Here are some things you can do:

Invest more time

Ø  Understand your limits!

Ø  How many hours can you take out of your normal business week to dedicate to your social media?

Just the opposite - Invest less time:

Ø  This will affect all the time you have already invested into the platform…I do not recommend this, but often it is a decision the company has to make

Ø  If you're not on often, your connections will start to look for others to follow


Get some training!

Ø  I have seen seminars all over the country. I have gone to many good ones, but nearly an equal amount of bad one.

Ø  Find a company that you have been recommended to by someone who has already experienced a seminar or personal training by that Social Media Company. This way, you know they have helped someone you know.

Ø  You can also reach out to us for suggestions or see if we can help with training.


Intern or Employee:

Ø  Get an intern or employee to dedicate time each day to managing your page

Ø  I would make sure that this becomes part of their paid day as this is a job in itself. This cannot just be added to someone already busy day.

Ø   I would recommend that you as the owner stay an admin on the page, and have everyone else who is controlling your page sign an agreement so they understand your mission, company goals, and ethics.

Ø  Warning: Make sure employees do not remove you as an admin! If they do, they control the page and can leave your company taking the page with them.


Content Creator:

Ø  Hire a content creator or blogger. This will take some of the pressure off you when managing your page because they will be creating a lot of the content for you.

Ø  Finding content can be a very hard part of managing your page, so this will be significant. But content creators often do not come with a low price tag.

Ø  For more information on content creators, feel free to reach out to us!


Posting Company:

Ø  You can hire a company to post article.

Ø  This is a helper feature. Their job is only to post and not manage.

Ø  They are simply choosing from many subjects around the internet to post to your page.

Ø  Depending on the company, they may not have a local feel, or even know what your business does. They simply send out the post on your behalf. (Buyer beware)


Fully Engaged Social Media Company:

Ø  You can hire a fully engaged social media company.

Ø  Look for a company that will take the time to meet with you, or at least have a good phone call with you to discuss your goals, mission, and ethics you want to represent on your page.

Ø  They should ask a lot of question about you, your company and what your goals are on the page they are going to manage for you

Ø  For more information on a fully engaged company, reach out to us… that is what we do after all! :-)

 As you might see, managing a page can be a lot of work, and can add hours a week to your family time or work time. Feel free to email me at  for advice on which platforms to start on and ways to choose how to handle your social media time.

Keep an eye out for our next blog – Outsourcing? How to Pick the Best Fit - as part of our 5 blog series for managing your social media!

 Anyone can do social media. Some of us do it right! 

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