Things we ALWAYS keep in mind:

  • How do you think visitors to your page will perceive you?

  • Does your profile portray you as the competent & accomplished professional that you are?

  • Does your Social Media presence capture your uniqueness?

How does your page showcase your business? 

Make sure everyone sees you as you want to be seen, build your credibility as a trusted adviser, thought-leader and put your expertise front and center. Random posts on your page don't cut it anymore. Help give your pages direction. Make sure your page has a purpose and builds trust in your expertise. And keep connected in an increasingly interconnected world.

Do you want to save time for other aspects of your business? 

Maintaining an effective social media campaign takes hours every week. It can rob you of the time you need to be dedicating to running and growing your business (or spending time with family). You are the expert at running your business, we are the experts at properly executing your business's social media.


Focus on building relationships with your audience, targeting those most interested. RSMG starts by learning all we can about your business. The better we get to know you, the better we can mount a potent social media campaign -- fostering new relationships and strengthening the ones you've already worked hard to establish.


Managing social media is a full time job! The demands of constant attention to an increasing number of social media sites can mean hours of commitment every day. Hiring our team to manage your social media presence is much more cost- effective than attempting to find the time yourself, let alone the expense of adding a salaried social media marketer to your payroll.

We will be your consultants! 

Social media is a two-way street: we can train you and your staff how to successfully prospect using LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Learn how to find people that are looking for you, and locate useful contacts within companies. Discover the right way to invite people to link and how to find the kind of groups that will do you the most good.

It has become clear the social media marketing is one of the most economical channels available to businesses interested in not just keeping their existing customers, but growing their customer base. It is the new "norm" and most consumers expect to be able to find you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest or where ever they are! Already have a presence on some pages? We offer a free, no-obligation evaluation of your social media presence! Either way, don't wait -- your customers are already there.