Customer Testimonials

"Wayne has been a great resource for my and my business. We manage several Social media accounts and Wayne has given us guidance and advice to improve our results. I have heard him lecture on several occasions about the ever-changing techniques and technology in our fast paced world and have learned something new and useful every time."

Rick Glickman
Dream Kitchens, Inc. 

"As co-owner of a small toy company doing business in 80 countries around the world I am always busy and pressed for time. I felt I was getting behind communicating with our fans, and with moms - our customers. I wanted to make sure we were sharing what we are working on so we could get feedback and respond to likes and dislikes. Working with Wayne and his team at Reed Social Media has been the perfect solution. We can have a short briefing with Wayne and he jumps in to help create the strategy and the messages we share. Wayne's effective, he understands what's important, and he stays plugged in on all fronts making sure our small company has a big presence with our fans and customers. Thanks Wayne - for all the help. You're fantastic!"

Dee Farrell

 When I met Wayne Karlins I knew I found one of my best business support experts. Initially he helped me understand my IPhone, then LinkedIn. He was the first person to explain the value of social media in today's market, in a way I could actually understand and apply. He presents information clearly and concisely, and his guidance and instruction are shared with my very best interests in mind. For these reasons, I am happy to have hired Reed Social Media to handle and manage my LinkedIn and Facebook maintenance, plus any additional vehicles for business marketing in our social media age. 

Francie Stavish
Francie Stavish & Associates

I had the privilege of working with Wayne on a social media presentation for the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce. He was delightful to work with, and he is always quick to provide accurate and relevant advice for social media marketing. I am constantly learning during our conversation, and he is always freely giving away all that he knows. Wayne's customers are always glowing about his service, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a kind and generous man. If you are interested in enhancing your LinkedIn presence, I highly recommend you have a conversation with Wayne! 

Nate Ruben
Ruben Digital

Wayne managed my social media. He was not only professional and reasonably priced he also became an asset to me and my company. Wayne did more as he also taught me how to use social media to be effective - the do's and don'ts. He is truly a benefit to any company ! I highly recommend Wayne for your social media needs ! 

T.J. Alexander
The Humble Pub

"Wayne knows his stuff. A great resource for all your social media management."

Lise Schleicher

"Wayne is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in all things Social Media...He provided me with invaluable advice earlier this week to which I'm very grateful. If you are in need of Social Media assistance, look no further than Wayne "Chuck Norris" Karlins!"

Geoff Horwitz
The MacMentor

"Wayne is a very dedicated and a true Social Media Professional. He is very talented at getting the correct message out to my contacts."

Gail Eisenberg
Gail's Brownies

"Wayne and his staff are incredible!! They make me and my company look great and keep me in the conversation. I would highly recommend their services"

Brian Millman
Shelle Jewelers

Wayne is a social media expert who knows how to direct a social media marketing campaign using LinkedIn... custom Facebook pages (and more).  Wayne understands advertising, sales and developing strong marketing strategies for clients. Wayne understands leadership and creating a plan.

Shel Leshner
Integrated Marketing

I've known Wayne for many years now and his knowledge of social media is top notch. I've heard him speak many times on the topic and he not only knows all the tips and tricks but keeps up on the latest trends. He's the man for every business social media needs.

Dan Gelfond
Personal History Interviews

Wayne and RSMG has help me with my LinkedIn and Facebook pages. I have seen much more engagement with my followers and clients. I have a regular presence on each page, and I can focus on my business and let them focus on my social media. 

Yaron Aharoni
My New Home Project