Protect Your Social

Protect Your Social

Written by Wayne R. Karlins President of Reed Social Media Group. LLC

There are at least 2 times a year you should look over your Social Media pages like LinkedIn, Facebook and others and do some maintenance. The New Year and July are 2 of the times I recommend to do this.  

Here are the things you should look over and look for:

First, change your password on each Social Media account you have and do this twice a year! This would also include other accounts like banking, etc. Use at least 1 number, 1 capital letter, and 1 symbol in your password. Do not use your birthday, date your business started, pet, children's and grandchildren's names, but something you will remember.

Make sure to update your Summary, Experience page and "about you" sections on your personal pages. This would include any change in products or services that you may have added or subtracted during the past year. Mention any changes in the company you work for or any promotion you may have received. Check new physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

If this is a Fan or Company page update "about you" and specialties or services that may have been added and remove any specialties or services you no longer offer. Be sure you update any new email addresses, phone numbers, and websites. Do this for both your Company and Personal pages, and update your picture if it is older than 3 years.

Check out the LinkedIn Skills and Endorsement pages. Remove skills that no longer apply and add new ones. Arrange them in order of importance to how you would like people to endorse you. Take a minute and recommend someone who was a great employee, client, gave you a great referral or did a wonderful job for you last year. Your goal should be to make 1 recommendation a month for 2018. Make sure to check all your settings on LinkedIn.

On Facebook, look at and update your Work and Education, Contacts and Details. This would also be a good time to go through your photos on Facebook and see if there are any that might need to be removed or add new ones of a new family or new friends. Make sure you have verified your page, publish your page and check all other settings on Facebook. Take a minute to check what kind of reviews your Fan page has gotten and to review some of your favorite Fan pages and give them a review. You should review 1 fan pages a month of people you know well.

Many of these suggestions also apply to Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.  They may be called something else, but it is still a good idea to update your settings, password, and pictures.

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