Why Am I Getting Multiple Anniversary Notifications?

Written by Wayne R. Karlins President of Reed Social Media Group. LLC

We recently have been asked 2 questions. First, why am I getting multiple happy anniversary notifications on LinkedIn from my followers? And second, do I have to open a new LinkedIn account when I change jobs?


First question: Why am I getting multiple happy anniversaries on LinkedIn

When you first setup your experience section on your profile, LinkedIn asks you to list your past and current jobs. With each job you list, they ask you for a "start date, end date" or to check "I currently working here."

If you do not do this correctly, this could be one reason you're getting multiple congrats from your followers on LinkedIn. Make sure that each job listed has the correct start and end date and the one you are at now has been checked "I currently work here". If you are working more than one job and you have, "I currently work here" at each of those jobs, will also make LinkedIn send out anniversary notifications to your followers which leads to congrats from your followers for each job.

Next, when you get a new position or new job, make sure to add the new job and then uncheck I currently work here and add an end date to the old job.

This will reduce multiple congrats from different jobs and different dates.


Second question: Do I have to open a new LinkedIn account when I change jobs?

Most of us have seen people with 2 or more profiles. This causes confusion and is unnecessary. So the fast answer is no, you do not start a new LinkedIn profile for each job you get.

As stated above when you fill in your profile, LinkedIn makes it so you can list all past jobs and add your new job. Make sure you fill in the "start dates, end dates, and that "I currently" work here" is checked. We recommend that the newest job has the most information in its description section and that each job listed as past jobs has less as the timeline go back with the last job having a one line description. We also suggest not going back more than 10-12 years in listing your past jobs. We also recommend that if you have more than one profile on LinkedIn you either delete the other pages or merge them.

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