It Was My Pleasure!

Written by Wayne R. Karlins President of Reed Social Media Group. LLC

I have to admit I get annoyed when someone who is waiting on me at a store or restaurant, or for that matter any business, after I have said thank you for whatever it was they had done for me, says back to me "No Problem". I hear it everywhere and wonder who trains these people at this company? How does the training or HR department allow this to go on?

I had this problem back in the 80's until I met a store manager who properly trained me to respond to my clients with "It is my pleasure!" Why?  Because here are two things you should never say or at least avoid saying if possible, "No or Problem." Clients want a good experience and by saying "no" is not going to help that, nor is telling them there is " problem."

So how is putting them together with a good thing as a response to letting a client know you were happy to help them?

There are many responses that work so much better than No Problem! Thank you! Happy to help you! or Hope you had a great experience here! and the list goes on, but putting 2 negatives together to show your appreciation to a customer is not the way to do it.

As a person who waits on and services clients I want the best possible experience for them wherever we work together. You should know that because your manager/owner expects that from their employees. So the next time your customer says thank you, try out "it was my pleasure!" They will notice the difference!


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