Where Is the ROI Button on Social Media?

Where is the ROI button on my LinkedIn or Facebook page?

Written by Wayne R Karlins President of RSMG

I am asked all the time, what will be my ROI when using social media. I have read many papers on this agreeing with some and disagreeing with other. After all the research we have done, I believe we have found the ROI button on your LinkedIn and Facebook page. I will tell you where it is, how to use it and why whether you’re using a social media management company like Reed Social Media Group or doing it yourself, you must be the one to hit the proverbial button.

The thing about Facebook, is that it has been a part of their page for years. For LinkedIn it is a newer feature. Some of you are already using it, but more than likely, not to its fullest capacity. Now, before I tell you what it is and how to use it, I want to say, these are not the only tools on these two pages that will increase your ROI.



How many times have you sent out a “Happy Birthday” when Facebook tells you it is one of your friend’s birthdays.  Most of us have! Here is the key we are forgetting. We are, typically, saying “Happy Birthday” in hopes for a response. We are typically happy with any response back, but most of us do not take the next step….Hitting the ROI button!

It is this time that you look at the person who responded back and decide if this is someone you see every day, weekly, monthly or perhaps you have not seen them in 6 month or longer. If the case is that it is someone you have not seen in awhile, hit the button, message them back and respond with a:

“Hi John, we have not gotten together in a long time. I have gotten rather good at this Facebook thing and have found that I am often referring people more when I have a better understanding of what they do. Let’s meet for coffee and catch up!” 

Bam! You just engaged a person you have not seen in awhile, told them how good you are at referring (not how good you are at business) and you want to catch up in order to refer them more often. Now let's say this person would never make a good client. But what if you could refer him and he starts to refer you back. You just increased your ROI on Facebook. 

So why can’t a management team do this for you? You do not want them to invite people you see every day. This could be embarrassing and make your social media page look like a robo response. Also, your management team would not know how often you see someone or even if this person would be the right contact to respond to. So, while your team can build your page, make you more engaging, increase your connection and fans, post great content, and help to build relationships trust and likes, they cannot send your personal messages.



So, why do you think LinkedIn added happy birthdays, congrats on new jobs and anniversaries? This is their ROI button. Just like on Facebook, you or your team send out these congrats hoping for the responses, thanks. Just like before, you decide if this is a person who needs to be reconnected with and send out a similar message. We feel this alone could increase you ROI noticeably. It is a built in way to get people to engage you back.

On both these pages, one other thing that will help increase your ROI, is responding to your birthday, anniversary, and congrats messages that are sent to you by others. Make this work for you!

At Reed Social Media Group we are telling our clients that they should be on their page 2 or 3 times a week at least 10 minutes to check for these personal messages they could respond to, to increase their ROI. Of Course they should be checking other things as well, but that is for another blog.

So these things will lead to increasing your ROI on social media. Yes this means a large time investment on your part, but if you have a management team like ours, 10-20 minutes twice a week will be all the time you will need to invest, and you will see in time a return on your investment.

What are some other ways to increase your ROI?  Look for our next blog on things you can do to increase your ROI on Facebook and LinkedIn


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