Socially Focused On Facebook

Can You Be Socially Focused on Facebook?

That is a good question. We get many people asking if it is still worth being on Facebook. Well, at Reed Social Media, we believe it is! 

If Facebook was a country, it would be the largest country on the planet by population. That would be about 1.5 billion people. So what should you do with the potential you may have on Facebook? Be socially focused!

On Facebook, you can still be personable on your personal page. After all Facebook pages are as "social media" as you get. You can share just about anything you have to say, your opinions, your favorite musicians, your sports teams and your favorite TV programs.... just to name a few! 

Just like being on LinkedIn, there are many of the same things you should be doing. Building your connections, follow fan pages and if you have a business, building your business Fan page.

The rule change once you start your Fan page. Before posting, know your audience and how you are going to attract them. Remember you are always speaking on behalf of your company, give your company the face and brand you want it to have!  REMEMBER: it is against Facebook rules to sell directly to your Fans, and you are not allowed to buy "likes" by making an offer.

What you want to do is become known as helpful and a contributor of good advice. You want to become your audience's go-to company because they believe you to be the expert with the information you have been sharing. If you write a blog, this is a great place to share, if it relates to your business. Your goal is marketing, building and developing connections, becoming a trusted adviser and an expert in your field -- all of these will help make your page properly reflect your professionalism. Your first fan goal is 30. Once you get 30 fans you are considered an authorized page. Whenever possible, use a picture or video on your business page. Get videos of your client’s recommendation and post them occasionally to your business page.

Unlike a Linkedin company pages, you can invite your personal connection to your business fan page. We recommend that you look at your connections and invite those who best fit your description of your targeted client. Once you start posting you will build the rest by people who like, share and comment on your post, this will spread your message further through Facebook. You should continue to invite new connection to your personal page, and keep inviting people to your fan page. Once in awhile, if it makes sense for your company, you can share the link to your fan page on your personal page.

Stay social focused and get your business page going on Facebook. Fill out everything in the about section and make sure to include your company website, a phone number and the email you would like people to get a hold of you by.


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