Don't Just Post

It Is Not All About Posting

Written by Wayne R Karlins President of Reed Social Media Group


When managing your social media pages, it is not all about posting. In order to make posts valuable, you need to be sharing important and intriguing content with your target market. Always know why you are posting, if you are posting just to post, step back and reconsider the value you are bringing. 

For a lot of us, posting on our LinkedIn and Facebook can help with brand recognition. But, the question is, should you be posting 7 days a week or should you be posting 2 times a week?

Not all of us are big companies like “Pepsi” who has the audience and the content to keep people interested in their multiple posts a day, 7 days a week. Many of us are smaller businesses. We need to be more insightful to how much is too much posting, and knowing what the best amount or fit is for us.

We all want to find brand loyalty, collect more connections and fans, increase inbound traffic, having client buy from you and certainly want your audience to understand you are the thought leader and trusted advisor in your industry. But just posting will not do this.

I bring this up because a few of my clients have asked me and sent me ads for Website, SEO, and Marketing companies advertising different options for social media postings, that will provide a variety of automated postings with some industry-related posts thrown in their. Most, if not all, have a plan to post 7 days a week with things like brand-new, attention-grabbing, eye-catching, auto-playing, animated trivia, auto-playing movies, question posts and more.

They make these offer without finding out a single thing about you and your business. One of my first questions would be, how would you react, if you saw this on a company's page you follow? Do you think they are bringing value?

True social media management is not just posting!

The list is too long to put in the blog, but here are a few things you need to be doing to make your page more engaging and visible:


1)      Have a great picture and profile. Fill in everything and keep the content consistent across all of your social media platform. 

2)      Check messages every business day 

3)      Check friend request and connection request every business day

4)     Like and share your connection's comments

5)      Wish your connection Happy birthday, Happy Anniversary, congrats on new jobs, and then follow up when they answer. Social media is about engagement and these are engagement tools, use them!

6)      Invite people to your Fan page and Company pages

7)      Thank people for their shares, likes and comments and yes answer any question in the comments you can, even if it is to say you do not know, but will try and find out.

8)      Thank people on Facebook for their good reviews and ask question about their bad reviews. Respond to people who recommend you on LinkedIn.

9)  Join Groups on LinkedIn outside of your industry, but where your clients may be.

10)  Keep your content your posting to a 80/20 mix of  great content/marketing yourself

11)  For those of you who have the new LinkedIn, here is a bonus helpful hint: Make sure the first two or three sentence of your summary pop, as that is all people will see when visiting your page unless they click to see more.


As you may see here, hiring someone to post for you only can help you a bit, but working your page by managing it correctly is the best thing you can do. If you do not have the time, hire a full management team like Reed Social Media Group to manage your pages correctly. It will make all the difference. We start out by learning who you are, who your clients are, and who your competition is. Yes, we watch your competition, as a part of managing your page. We will try our best to understand your business needs, wants and goals before we start posting. Our goal is to give your page direction and purpose with great content.

Check out our website to learn more about how we can help you manage your pages. 

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