Building Loyalty Through Social Media

Social Media Builds Loyalty!

By Wayne R. Karlins, President of Reed Social Media

We know Social Media, used the right way, can help you with your career, building your business, and helping you to build relationships and trust. Used the right way it helps you to be seen as a trusted advisor and the go-to person to do business with. Social Media helps you find your target market and your target clients. Social Media will help build your business.

Social Media helps you get the word out on all different types of subjects. You can reach all ages and demographics, increase awareness of your brand and services, and encourage communications between you and your clients, your connections, friends, and family.

Before signing on with RSMG to manage their pages, most of my clients are educated about how their Social Media presence is going to help them. Most of what we have already said above is discussed, as we then learn as much about their company and them as a person, before managing their pages.

One thing people are sometimes surprised about is that Social Media builds loyalty to you and your brand. One way you can do this is by liking, commenting, and sharing other people's posts (like your clients). You know how good you feel when you get likes, comments, and shares. As a good user of Social Media, you need to give back to gain more. This is easily accomplished by following and reacting to your customers and clients. For example, let's say you are a financial advisor and many of you cannot post financial advice or post articles on financial stories due to restrictions your company has put on you. So what do you post? Share!!! Share your client's posts on a regular basis. Your client will notice, which in turn builds loyalty to you as their advisor.  


If you do not share, then you can "like" their post and even comment on why you liked it. This works for many industries, not only finance. Even if you have plenty to post on your own, paying attention to your current clients (liking, commenting, and sharing) builds a great reputation, business, and loyalty.


It is important to remember that anything can be overdone. Therefore, make sure you only share great content and more importantly, great content your followers will enjoy. Also, make sure you spread your sharing around to as many of your clients and customers as you can, not favoring any one individual client. Speaking of overdone, unless you are a large company, sharing or posting two or three times a week is all you need to do. We will talk more about that soon in an upcoming post.


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