Terms and Conditions


Reed Social Media's expertise is in consulting and or managing a social media site for a person or business– in particular, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter. We design a new page, group, fan page and manage a new or existing social media site and write blogs. You the client, desire to engage Reed Social Media Group, LLC and Reed Social Media Group, LLC accepts the engagement to do any or all of the above mentioned according to the terms set forth in this document.


Pricing is handled on a monthly basis and is non-refundable. Should Reed Social Media terminate the services there will be a pro-rated refund.


For anything not covered in this contract our billable hours include business meetings, training and phone calls to us @ $150.00/hour.


All Social media sites we build, manage, or consult on will remain the client's property and will be released to the clients at the end of service.


We do not store content. Anything you send us will not be returned but deleted after we use it.


We will not share any passwords you furnish to us. We will not sell any information we get from you. All information is for content of the social media site, or sites that we manage for you and will not be used anywhere else.


Payment must be made before the first of each month.  Invoices will go out between the 6th and 10th of the month and are for the past month's work.


We reserve the right to revise our rates at any time


We require you to have a credit card on file with us. If we have not received your check by the 29th we will run your credit card on the 30th.


We reserve the right to reject and not post any content you send us.


We do not proof all material.  We suggest everything you send us is already proof read by your staff.


You agree to indemnify and hold Reed Social Media Group, LLC harmless from any loss arising from posting on your social media page, by us or any RSMG, LLC employee who can post on your behalf. This includes pictures and content we find and use. RSMG does not have any liability and cannot be brought into legal matters for providing these pictures or content in question. When using content, pictures and video we always give credit to the person, person's company or companies we share content from.


We are not responsible for any site being down or for how long they are down.


We are not responsible for any social media hosting provider's performance.

We are not responsible for any site we manage for you that is hacked, nor are we responsible for any information retrieved by the hackers.


We are not responsible for any content sent to us by mail, email or fax that we use on your social media sites unless it is marked Confidential.


We are not responsible for missing a day/s of posting due to not being able to login into your account if you have made a login or password change and have not informed us of these changes or have not responded to our request for the new information.


When managing Yelp reviews, we will always ask you to respond to an average or bad review. Our response time to a review will be timed by your response to our request for an answer to their review.


Unless sent materials or pictures are marked confidential, all pictures you send can and may be used on your sites and we cannot be held responsible or liable.


Any social media sites can change their policies at any time and we cannot be held responsible until we have been made aware of them by the specific site.




RSMG will write blogs for you. Once these blogs are accepted and/or used by you, our client, it is no longer the responsibility or liability of RSMG or the ghost blogger.  If RSMG writes a blog and that blog is accepted and used by you, our client, RSMG does not have any liability and cannot be brought into legal matters for providing this blog in question. If this blog attracts the negative attention of others, may it be by legal ramifications or something else, RSMG does not have any liabilities and cannot be sued. With your acceptance of our ghost blogs, we and our ghost bloggers are indemnified against litigation and prosecution.


Ghost Blogging price is $150.00/per blogs, up to 500 words.




The primary purpose is to cultivate "legitimate professional relationships". Sharing an update is for your comments and/or sharing links others wrote that you want to share with your followers. Publishing a post should be original content you wrote or had a blogger write. Sharing others content while publishing, could be considered stealing unless you reference the statement used.




Pages and ads can be invaluable marketing tools. You can use a public page to just stay connected with your current customers or you can invest real money into Facebook's advertising.

Even with your most stringent privacy settings, there is still a risk that what you post can reach people you wouldn't want it to reach, and your co-workers and boss are the last people you want to mess with. So, just play it safe and leave your venting to somewhere private.




Users create virtual bulletin boards by pinning content from across the web including photos and recipes. Some lawyers say that pinning could potentially leave Pinterest users vulnerable to lawsuits if they don't have permission to use the content.  Putting up your own content is the safest way to use Pinterest.




Your first priority on Google Plus should always be trying to help someone else. Although the importance of traffic may sound like a good idea at the time, it's really not top priority here. A good "goal" of being on Google plus is when you can help someone learn something, or direct them to a better understanding of whatever it is they need. You have to look at the bigger picture of social media. In the long run, the more people you help the more you establish your authority on a certain topic and the more they're going to come to you in the future. It is smart to be a part of the Google family.




Spammers don't survive long on Twitter. They don't build followers. Any followers they do get, don't read their tweets and the number of conversions they can generate will be so small that as a marketing method you'd probably be better off printing a thousand flyers, folding them into paper airplanes and tossing them out of your office window.




Unless specifically requested, most visiting and or posting on your site will be evenly spread out during usual business hours for Central Standard Time. If there is a request for other hours, there will be an additional fee for odd, or late night visiting and posting.


Not many people are going to follow a company's social media account if all the posts are "try our new diet anything"... Also, it won't help a company if all of their posts are off topic. We recommend a ratio of about 20% about your company and 80% interesting, topical, or helpful content.  That ratio will need to be customized for each page as Twitter is better suited for small talk, but the same kind of post would be out of place on LinkedIn.


All pages we work on prohibit certain products and services from being advertised on their pages. We follow their rules. Examples are porn, tobacco products, illegal products and others.




Even with light small talk posts, the odd minor controversy can come up. We recommend making it clear that opinions on who should win the World Series, etc. are your own.


As long as the information and web sites you have listed to use as content are used, we are not responsible for the information posted.


If you request us to answer the review on Yelp, we will always give the best possible response, being kind and thoughtful.  We cannot be held responsible for the consumer's reactions or the content of the response we give.


We do not guarantee any length of any posting, emails, responses to email, answering or asking question on your site, or any other information we may handle on our site


As long as the content we use on your sites relate to your business, employees of your business, owners and principles, responding to a question, asking a question, or any other content that could be related to your business, fans or clients, topical conversation or to be shared to be humorous, we are not liable for the action of the views. This includes Ghost blogs that we write for our clients.




We will not post, email or respond to any client, employee or fan using profanity, nor will we post pictures we deem adult content. We recommend that you shouldn't post your personal political opinions or use your posting for your own personal soapbox.  We recommend avoiding excessive text-speak. "OMFG, I <3,  ur lolcatz!!"? unless it is important to your company and your clients.




Someone's opinion about a sports team or the weather probably isn't going to be an issue with anyone, but what if a poster makes a nasty remark about a politician or makes some sweeping offensive generalization? We need to define that what you believe is not crossing the line. Actual determination of whether something is too far will have to be made by you. We recommend not taking down negative statements, but responding to them, giving them a warning on what is not acceptable on your page, and if it is a picture explain why you are removing it. Please discuss this before we start running your page with us.




We hire independent contractors to run and post on your sites. We train each one and each one signs a confidentiality agreement with us not to share any passwords or other confidential information we may have about you. Anyone can have a particularly bad day and decide to quit their job in the most flamboyant, bridge burning way they can. If they use your LinkedIn account to defame another business, or make a very blue joke, or start discussing their bizarre "solution" to the Gaza Strip conflict--things like that might conflict with your brand identity. Certainly the offending person will be removed from the account, fired from our employment, but the damage is done. We will post no more than 3 explanatory posts for every terminable post to reduce the damage they may have done.




The parties covenant and agree, and shall cause their respective officers, directors and employees to agree, not to communicate, either by spoken or written word, gesture, innuendo, or other verbal or nonverbal communications of any nature or kind whatsoever any derogatory, disparaging or defamatory comments, remarks or statements about each other to any third parties, including, but not limited to, statements concerning the parties professional reputation, skills, abilities, employees, independent contractors, policies, practices, products and /or services.


Reed Social Media Group, LLC will service and maintain each site on a monthly basis, per the selected times weekly by clients selections. Any notice given or required to be given under this Agreement shall be in writing and delivered personally to the other party at the stated address below (or any other address subsequently given by either party) or shipped by a method using a written notice of receipt (such as certified or registered mail, or overnight delivery) or delivered via email.  All notices will take place within 30 days of receipt, no sooner or later including cancellations, additions, or changes to this Agreement unless otherwise discussed by Reed Social Media Group, LLC and the Client (you).


If your account is delinquent, it may be turned over to a collection agency at our discretion, and their fee of $100.00 will be added to your account.  In the event of a breach of agreement or collections, the client shall be responsible for RSMG, LLC attorney fees.


RSMG, LLC will not be liable by reason of any error, for which it may be responsible, in excess of the one monthly cost of your account.


You are responsible to set up your own analytics and collect your own ROI and SEO.


We do not report on your ROI or SEO. You will get a basic quarterly report on your page/s.


We check our emails twice a day Mon –Fri.


We try to respond to voice mail messages (weekdays) within 24hrs.

Reed Social Media Group LLC, does not sell any of our customers information without permission, including by not limited to: Name, Business Name, Email Address, Photos, Physical Address, Credit Card Information, Bank Accounts Information, and more. If you have any questions around our privacy policy, please email us at info@reedsocialmedia.com. 


Every Saturday & Sunday.  Christmas, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4 Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Black Friday. If any of these holidays are on a Thursday we will be closed that Friday as well If Christmas and New year’s fall on a Monday we will be closed that Tuesday as well.