It's no longer an 'option.'

Social media is now recognized as the dominant trend in marketing today and successful businesses know they must be involved. Businesses, both large and small, increasingly need to maintain a presence on social media and conduct business networking. Without a successful presentation - both online and in-person - time and money is wasted and opportunity is lost. After all, the real goal is not just to show up, but to make sure you're properly represented, creating profitable relationships and turning prospective clients into real business.

In our experience, many businesses lack the necessary time and expertise to carry out an effective marketing effort. It can take so much of your workweek that it ends up taking a backseat to pressing daily operational demands. Reed Social Media Group helps you avoid the hours, the expense and the pitfalls of benefitting from this now-mandatory marketing channel. With hourly consultation fees and monthly fees designed around clients' needs, we manage this process correctly to help generate successful campaigns.

Still wonder if your business really needs social media? Watch Erik Qualman's classic video:

Our philosophy

We don't tale a "scattershot" approach; every social media page out there probably isn't going to contibute to your goals. We help you maintain a vibrant presence on those pages that will actually do you the most good, building awareness of your brand and expertise with the audiences most likely to seek you out. We understand that most businesses will require varying amounts of exposure to optimize reach to their desired audiences. Reed offers a host of options which can be configured to meet your specific business goals and budget. Just choose the level that right for you and we'll do all the heavy lifting.

Free Evaluation

Already have social media pages running? How are they performing? Is your audience continually growing and keeping your name in front of your existing customers? Social media rules constantly evolve and was was effective last year may be actually hurting your efforts now. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation evaluation of the social media page of your choice. Whether you're managing the page yourself or using another service to take care of it for you, we'll point out what might be improved -- and we won't be afraid to let you know what you're doing right! Click here to get started...