It's no longer an 'option.'

Social media is recognized as the leading trend in marketing today and, since it offers free and instant access to a global audience, it's the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. However, its universal accessibility also means there's a lot of competition so successful businesses - both large and small - must know how to remain at the top of the feeds. While critical, it's not enough to offer a great product or service; your quality and reliability mean nothing unless people hear your name and see your brand. Reed SMG works with you to build successful representation of your company online and in person, saving you time and money on social media while creating new opportunities.

In our experience, many businesses lack the necessary time and expertise to carry out an effective marketing effort -- and that's understandable. Keeping up with the many available social platforms is daunting and time-consuming, but Reed Social Media Group is here to help. Our experienced media consultants will work with you to manage all of your social media platforms, ensuring the proper representation of your company and allowing you to keep more of your time devoted to providing quality service and reliability for your customers. Let Reed SMG help your company shine now and in the future with services offered by the hour, month or other time frame to suit your needs.

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Our philosophy

Each of our clients has a unique contribution to the world and deserves to be represented as such.
There is no one-size-fits-all template at Reed SMG; we start fresh with every client and customize our approach to suit your needs.

We do the research.
We recognize that not everyone needs to use the exhaustive list of social media platforms. We'll discover which means of communication are important to your customers and then help you maintain a distinguished presence on the platforms that are the most relevant to you and your intended audience.

We're here for you.
You specify our involvement and your exposure. After all, it's your business! Here at Reed, we understand that taking initiative does not mean taking over. We respect your brand's personality and that may involve varying levels of exposure - some businesses like to be in your face while others may prefer to tap you on the shoulder. Reed Social Media Group offers a host of options which can be configured to meet your specific business goals and budget. Just choose the level that's right for you and we'll do the rest.

Free Evaluation

Already have social media pages running? How are they performing? Is your audience continually growing and keeping your name in front of your existing customers? Social media rules constantly evolve and was was effective last year may be actually hurting your efforts now. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation evaluation of the social media page of your choice. Whether you're managing the page yourself or using another service to take care of it for you, we'll point out what might be improved -- and we won't be afraid to let you know what you're doing right! Click here to get started...